Kisses from Canines

For the product portion of my SYP, I created a collection of anecdotes written by owners of therapy dogs regarding their experiences with therapy. I contacted Dog B.O.N.E.S. (a Massachusetts-based therapy organization) and through their extensive email list was able to contact dozens of therapy dog teams. I had a great response and 15 people contributed to my collection. Their stories detail very special dogs and their great ability to heal and comfort those in need. I plan to distribute the book to my community to encourage others to become involved in dog therapy. Pictures of the book (taken from the book template on my computer) are seen below, as well as pictures of my fundraiser. I titled the book, "Kisses from Canines: Stories of Healing, Hope, and Joy from Massachusetts Therapy Dog Teams." I published the book through and I recently recieved my first copy. After reading and editing my first copy I will order my final copies in bulk. Please contact me if you're interested in reading it!


Front and back cover

Inside of book

I recently recieved my first copy:


Back and inside

To cover the cost of publishing the book, I held bake sales at Newton North:

Everything $1!!

My friend Mila helped me :)

I'm very excited to distribute my book. I hope it enourages others to become involved!​