Links to different aspects of my project...Home (main page, gives overview of my SYP)
Bibliography (starts with annotated bibliography, ends with list of to-be-read books and websites)
Big Three (my topic, researchable question, and working thesis)
Contact Info (how to reach me)
Fieldwork (jounal of visiting, Reggie's training, interview, journal of therapy dog certification class)
Lit Review (my lit review with works cited)
Paper (the full paper will be published here, for now there is a link to my detailed outline)
Questions (these questions help drive my research, I will be adding/answering more soon)
Training for Therapy (lists of techniques or tricks that should be considered when training for therapy work)
Notes (a collection of notes taken from reading books and websites)
Product (details on the book I created with stories of dog therapy)

Weekly Schedule for 4th Term:
Outline for Paper:

Action Plan:

-Read books and use index cards to record notes and citations
-Interview members of therapy dog organizations
-Compile lists of tricks and train Reggie (for entertainment during visits)
-Socialize Reggie
-Bring Reggie for visits to Golden Living Center
-Shadow dog therapy teams at Franciscan Children's hospital
-Write research paper
-Create powerpoint presentation
-Create guide to dog training (probably in the form of a book)

Detailed List of Tasks:

3/22-26: Get Ready for 4th Term!

-Edit and expand detailed outline (create topic sentences)

-finish annotating bibliography

-finalize action plan

-contact visiting organizations

-clean up wiki
-begin training Reggie (tricks)

3/27-28: Final Week of School Time!

-Keep researching with books (renew at library!)

-Keep working on rough draft -Continue training Reggie (tricks)

-Contact people for interviews

-->Clancy's owner

-->Dog B.O.N.E.S. lady

-->lady at Mom's work

-->see about interviewing patients

3/29-4/2: Pre-Field Work

-Read about training techniques (take notes!)-Socialize/Train Reggie (prepare for visiting)

4/3-4/19: Field Work^^^Look at Schedule for 4th Term ABOVE ^^^

-Training Reggie
-Visiting with Reggie
-Shadowing at Franciscan's
-Paper/presentation progress
-Creation of training manual

4/19: DRAFT #2 DUE!!!

-Full draft of paper (field work should be completed enough to be incorporated into paper)

4/19-5/10: Finalize Time-Finish research

-Take photos/video of visits

-Finish visits (in terms of project)

-Finish writing paper

-Finish PowerPoint presentation (pictures, video)

5/12 Final Paper Due!!!

End of Year Deadlines:

5/10- 5/14 Return to SYP Class 4 days (finalize presentations)
5/17-18 On-Campus mini presentations (informal) -Lasker
5/19-21 SYP Formal Presentations -FLH
5/24-26 SYP Formal Presentations -FLH
5/26 SYS Gala Reception/Graduation -6:00pm, NNHS Library